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Education, knowledge and skill are key ingredients to a successful career and a prosperous life.  It was Ellsworth’s wish to provide scholarships and grands to young people with an interest in aviation and the sciences.  The EHG Foundation works with local institutions to identify, sponsor and foster the right candidates who have the potential to excel in their studies and apply their sponsored skills professionally.  The EHG Foundation board has a strong relationship with the Auburn Airport Association (AAA) and the Reno Air Race Association (RARA) as its primary scholarship administrators.  Interested persons should inquire directly with these institutions for information on their scholarship programs.

In addition to relationships with other like minded organizations, the EHG Foundation pursues programs that fulfill our mission of supporting educational and training needs for parties for their endeavors related to Aviation, Mechanical, Engineering and STEM related fields, along with fostering support and learning about the Hawker Sea Fury and other such historical aviation.